Different Options You May Acquire While Travelling From London to Scotland

Thomas Waters
Apr 9, 2018 · 3 min read

There are many ways to get to Scotland from London and I will tell you seven of them if they are good for you when you plan a trip to this area of the United Kingdom.

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Going by Plane:

Both EasyJet and British Airways have daily flights linking the airports of Gatwick, Luton, City, Stansted or Heathrow to the Scottish cities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness, or Edinburgh. Just check your schedules and find the flight that best suits our schedules and days off in London to be planted in Scotland in about two hours. You can , to go to Scotland.

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Going by Car:

The experience of driving on the left can be worrisome when you have not experienced it, but I assure you that after an hour at the wheel, it will seem the most natural thing to drive on this side and you will be able to overtake, change lanes and take the roundabouts without difficulty.To get to Scotland from London by car, just go to the North, and be patient then from London to Glasgow or Edinburgh, you will need approximately 7 hours, respecting the established speed limits.

Train is a good option:

Traveling by train is a great way to travel, having time to read, write or work and enjoying the scenery without the risk of being distracted. Getting to Glasgow or Edinburgh from London’s King Cross station will cost you no more than 40 pounds and in about 4 hours you will be enjoying the hospitality of the Scots.In addition, there are many possibilities to travel to other areas of Scotland, directly from London or once in the main cities, thanks to the railway network of the United Kingdom.

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Take advantage of the car bed to get to Scotland from London:
If you want to get to the Highlands, a trip by car or plane can be long and one of the best possibilities offered by the rail network is to take a luxury trip in a sleeper car, taking advantage of the night to travel.

Caledonian Sleeper Bar Car 6706:

It is a thirteen hour journey from London to Fort Williams, including dinner, wine and a romantic setting full of vintage charm. Traveling with the Caledonian Sleeper network can be a good option to get to the Highlands, although you also have the possibility to get to Edinburgh or Glasgow.
The bus is the cheapest option to get to Scotland from London:
You can go by bus from Victoria Station in London and get to Edinburgh or Glasgow in about eight hours through National Bus or with the Megabus company.If you want to go straight from the Airport, National Express has a pass that takes you anywhere in Scotland, including the Isle of Lewis.

Travelling by Bike:

It may seem an outrage, since the distance to Scotland from London is 648 kilometres, but if you plan a trip and do it in five or six days, with stages of about one hundred kilometres, reaching Scotland by bicycle can be quite an experience. During your tour, you will enjoy the vision of beautiful castles and landscapes that will help you to overcome the hardness of the road.Anyway, the savings compared to going by bus will go away in lodging since until arriving at Scotland you will not be able to camp freely. (Once in Scotland you can spend the night with a tent practically anywhere)


If you want to go soon, Scotland is closer than it seems, at least with these options, to discover it, you can get there much sooner than you think if you leave from London.

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