More Thoughts On Colin Kaepernick

Everybody’s pitching in now. The intertubes tell me that San Francisco’s number 7 is the most hated player in the NFL. Football playing wife beaters, drunk drivers etc. can breathe a sigh of relief. They didn’t take the knee.

Take the knee, Kap. I’m glad other players are joining you and I wish that fans would too. Police that are extensively coached that going home alive is the most important part of their day, police that are just trigger-happy, but most of all police who are not sufficiently trained to defuse tense situations are killing black men out of fear.

Not all police, certainly. Not even a significant percentage. Probably there are ten, maybe a hundred police officers that are truly awe-inspiring human beings for every one who tarnishes the world’s view of the American judicial system by their action. Doesn’t matter much, does it?

Back in the 60s I hand-wrote a t-shirt slogan — didn’t get much attention next to all the Grateful Dead tie-dye extravaganzas. But I still like it.

It said ‘It is because I love my country that I want her to be just.’

That’s all for today.