CBC Opinions is a right-winger’s dream
Nora Loreto

I’d always wondered if allowing more right-wing voices onto the CBC would help insure its long-term survival. I mostly consume the news or interviews—coming from radio. To my ears that sounds at least centre-left in tone; usually intelligently presented or at least competently delivered. (Though these days, a fact-checked news story tends to be left-wing by nature.) I would surely miss hearing the news, Metro Morning, the Current or As It Happens. And as I usually happily listen, I can only imagine how pissed off my conservative friends would be if they were also listening. But of course they aren’t. Because they can’t stand the CBC due to its ‘liberal bias’. And I would have to agree that is how the radio comes across here in Toronto. It’s why I listen.

So I wonder if it could be considered an investment that at least a few of those tax dollars push out conservative points of view. Even though it isn’t perfect, I’d hate to lose the institution as a whole. And if a few conservatives actually find something to read on the website they might soften their reflex to pull the funding.

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