“The Get Down”: A Continuing Exercise In Constantly Settling For Mediocrity While Compromising The…

I understand that you have big issues with historical inaccuracies, and sometimes I feel this way when I watch something about which I know a lot and is misrepresented on the screen. But as I see it, on your text you only presented minor details that may be annoying, but are not enough to discredit the whole story. After all, this is a fictional narrative, and one that nears the epic genre in how it treats the story. Its focus is to convey the feelings, dreams, aspirations and realities of theses pioneers, NOT to be a historically accurate narrative. That doesn’t mean it’s mediocre. It’s just not what the story is trying to do… I bet a lot of people that like Hip-Hop but doesn’t know its history very well (like me) will be completely hypnotized by the story and will search about Flash, Herc and all the others.

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