Michigan Recount Shows 37% Fake Votes

This isn’t surprising at all.

I knew something fishy was going on when, on the night of the election, Trump was ahead in Michigan by about 100,000 votes with about 99% reporting.

Then, magically, the next morning the margin was down to about 10,000. A quick estimation on 100,000 being 1% means that there are 10,000,000 voters in Michigan, a state with a population of around 9,000,000.

Math — the siren song of oligarchic Democrats!

So when the recount shows 37% extra demon votes, and we look at Detroit alone, that shows about…100,000 votes that Trump would have had. Huh!

If we take Wayne County as a whole, which Clinton “had” approximately 500,000 “votes,” then the raw number of fake votes is higher. It means that Trump actually won Michigan by about 200,000 votes.

In either case, the number is pretty resounding.

So, will the Russians be blamed? Or the Amish? Or racist, idiot Americans who want things like owning their own car, lower taxes, and a decent job?