Sinning in the Garden of Sweden

“I’ll tell you why it’s funny

It doesn’t look like a razor at all.”

It’s worth the drive to Toledo.

There’s no germs in here, is there?

We’re never washing our hands after meals, only


Marble tabletop, isn’t that crazy?

No, I don’t think you’re crazy.

I just run the numbers in my head, expenses,

numerical units, measurements.

“Oh, wow. That guy’s just giving them away.”

We have the thing this afternoon. Let’s go anyway. Sound, gurgle. Explanation.

“You’re right, that is what makes it funny. Dogs

don’t make that kind of sound at all.”

We’ve always been cat people anyway.

Where’s the next place we should go? I mean we both have the day off after that

anyway. Cedar Point? Check Craigslist.

Maybe there’s more deals.

“The thing, this afternoon?”

“It’s all afternoon, right?”