unless you’ve got any evidence that the massive fight on the Republican side last year was all kayfabe, your assertion that they both operated the same is absurd.
I think thismost recent Republican primary solidly proves the Republicans don’t run their party the…
Bill Anderson

So is your argument here that the GOP is morality superior to the DNC because their manipulation of and disdain for their voter base was more transparent? That’s a pretty low bar, but sure okay.

In truth, even if the public did have equal access to the hacked RNC emails, I’m not sure it would have any impact on your low-bar non-argument here. The DNC tried to hold themselves to hire standards and abysmally failed, both behind and in front of the scenes. Just like usual. The RNC ran on a xenophobic platform that pandered to the religious right. Just like usual. So if your point is that we all have to pick our poison, well, it’s hard to say which poison is better, right?