Sanders Is Done. Why Doesn’t He Recognize That?

The Bernie Sanders campaign continues. I find this perplexing.

Yes, I know it is still mathematically possible for Sanders to win the Democratic nomination. But to do so, he needs to win all the remaining states by a two-to-one margin. That hasn’t been happening. And there are no signs that it is about to start.

So why is he still in the race?

What’s he up to?

As someone running for a chance to lead our nation, Sanders could stand up and be a leader. He could say that leaders help unite people in common cause. He could mention that he and Hillary Clinton have more policies in common than differences. And he could exhort his followers and supporters to unite behind Clinton and take this country in a good direction.

But he’s not doing that.

So Sanders is not running for President, at least not as the Democratic candidate.

So what’s he doing? What is his game here?

Does he fancy himself a third party candidate? Well, we saw how a left-wing candidate worked out in the 2000 election. Bernie as an independent gives us President Trump, just as Nader gave us President Bush.

Is he trying to force Hillary to make him the veep? It’s hard to see that as a great team, but at least it doesn’t bode complete disaster. But how could he join Team Hillary if he spends the next five months bashing her until the convention? Wouldn’t it be better to spend that time building a real winning coalition?

Maybe he has some other plan? Who knows?

But what’s clear now is that Bernie is in this for Bernie at this point.

Now would be be a great time for him to recognize that the numbers aren’t there and we need to unite and move forward together.