‘What do you expect of
A shipwreck’ he said?
Crows nest upturned,
Starboard now points star ward.
My port is landlocked.
Timbers shiver at night.
Rotting ribs cracked and swelled
Jutting out gnarled middle fingers
Aimed up at the sky

That final, even, fight,
left us afloat.
Just long enough, to get back to the coast.
And now, the tide of time is coming in.
The champagne smashing into me.
Smashing me into being
Is a distant memory.
Launching me,
On a life, clear with purpose.
Now all I see, is indestructible,
Merchant vessels sailing past.
Coke bottles floating out to sea.
Headed for distant shores.
Carrying the dream, that consumption might be,
The way to fix it all.

I shouldn’t go on.
Times have changed,
It’s late.
I’m tired.
The world was my oyster.
Now I’m a barnacle on the landscape.
Seaworthy drifts to disarray.
Crashes into shipwreck.
Erodes into driftwood.
A feared batallion’s destiny’s
to be,
A rambling tourist’s splinter threat.

My reward for not burning out is fading away.