We have our first Human ICO. What happens now?

Image originally featured on visible.vc blog
  • To pay a share of any income he receives over the next 3 years (capped at $100,000 over the next three years) —…

Getting people into homes, and (finally) ensuring the planet remains one

There is a difference between information and insight. Today, most customer research falls into the former category, and it’s a leading result of new venture failure.

Come hither, dear customer, and let me read your mind. Shutterstock

When terminology makes a monetary impact

Photo by Joen Patrick Caagbay on Unsplash

The superficial that divides | The ambitions that unite

Design: it’s so hot right now.

Fresh-faced, fresh-moleskin

Thom Hollis

Learning how to take new ventures from 0 to 1, and 1 to 10,000. Sharing my mistakes along the way. UX/UI | PM | FinTech | Black Turtle Design

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