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It’s a big deal because millions of people with pre-existing conditions are likely to lose their insurance if Congress passes an aggressive rollback of Obamacare. — — — The ignorance of the authors on this site is nauseating, (worse if it is propaganda, which it most likely is). This statement cannot be honestly made because at this point these people are not more or less likely to have any changes made. The author, as well as anyone else in the public currently, has no idea what the coming changes will be. As for stating the insurance companies will go broke because of lost premiums prior to setting up an insurance plan the author also presumes the rates of those seeking insurance with a pre-existing condition will not be adjusted accordingly. Everyone seems to act as if they do not know the 20mil number thrown around will lose their insurance but they already have insurance so they will not be applying for insurance with a pre-existing condition. Makes for good propaganda though.

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