Every Animal Deserves a Home


The American Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty to animals is an extremely important non-profit organization. The people at the ASPCA work tirelessly to give a voice for these animals. More often then not animals especially dogs are mistreated and abused. The ASPCA is able to advocate for these animals and try to find them a better lifestyle. This is not an easy task. It is a large responsibility to rescue a dog that has been previously abused. They come into the shelter scared and afraid. They cannot explain their past, all they can do is try and trust these new humans in their lives. The dogs are malnourished to where you can see their ribs, as well as are afraid of human interaction.

The dogs do not understand what is going on, all they know is that they are being taken care of by a complete stranger. I know I don’t trust a stranger the moment I meet them, so why should these dogs? The ASPCA makes sure that these animals go into a home that is a safe and comfortable environment.

When I was in middle school my family decided that it would be best to rescue a dog. We ended up rescuing a beautiful black lab from the ASPCA. When I first met him he came right over to me, and let me pet him. I was so happy that the dog liked me. After we met the dog, we went home and made the definite decision that we were going to rescue him. His name was Jake. Truthfully, I had no idea what this was going to be like. Would the dog like our home? Do you think he will acclimate quickly? Well, come to find out Jake had territorial issues and was protective of his food and water. If anyone approached he would growl or snarl to keep them away. This brings me back to wondering what happened to Jake before we rescued him? Why is he the way he is? My family and I did not abandon Jake because of his growling, but instead we brought in dog trainers and specialists to work with Jake. Jakes life was in the palm of our hands.

My family was lucky enough to have the resources to provide Jake with the best possible care. Some dogs are not as fortunate as Jake was. The ASPCA is working even harder to prevent these animals from going to high kill shelters. No animal deserves to be treated poorly. Jake put all of his trust in us, and we promised to never let him down. One of my favorite quotes is “who rescued who?” Even though my family and I rescued him, I believe he help bring together our family and truthfully he rescued us. We were able to give him his furr-ever home, but he gave us the pleasure of having a furry friend in our home.

A Dollar a Day Can Change a Dogs Life

Support these animals today

Dogs are extremely special and unique animals. They have the knowledge and power to guide the blind, assist people with disabilities and even be an emotional support animal. Each dog has come into the world for a purpose, and us as human beings can help them figure out what they are here to do. With the immense amount of dogs and other animals in these shelters they never have the opportunity to find their purpose. With all the donations we as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals give the animals a second chance. Every penny counts, no donation is too big or too small. Every day thousands of animals are neglected and abused. We as an organization are trying to minimize this number and figure out a way to find homes for these animals. Even though thousands of animals are neglected, thousands are also rescued. We want to make sure that every possible animal has a roof over their head and a family to call their own. The dogs at the shelters are usually not full blooded, but are often times mixes of a variety of different breeds. The dogs especially look malnourished and beaten down. This often times turns people away just because of the work and dedication that they would need to put into the dog.

Everyone wants a cute and handsome animal. Well this is not the case in many situations. The dogs may have suffered injuries to leave them blind, deaf or even missing a limb. Never over look these dogs because they are the ones who need help and guidance the most. Yes, it can be a scary situation to bring this animal home for the first time, but imagine how scared and afraid they are feeling. They are unable to express themselves in words that make sense to us. They have to trust and rely on their owners. Trust for the dogs coming from an abusive situation is tough. They may not trust you right off the bat but instead shy away and act timid. It takes time to build a relationship with an animal that already has a lack of trust in their owner.

Although they’re a large amount of animals that got to the shelters on time to be properly treated, not all animals were this lucky. Thousands of animals came too late, and were already too badly injured or beaten to be saved. To me, this seems to be the hardest part of being a volunteer for this organization. They help so many animals, but the ones that do not make it are the hardest ones of all to overcome.

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