Benefits & Downfalls of the iPhone

‘Robots are a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer.” With this definition that means a cell phone can be a robot right? I mean iPhone’s are are programmed by Apple which first came out by computers. iPhone’s have all the aspects a robot has it is programmed, can make decisions for you, can predict, helps you in everyday life, etc and there are of course benefits from these aspects.

The ‘iPhone’ was first released on June 29th, 2007, 5 days later 1 million were sold, ever since every iPhone made sold more and more and it has no signs of stopping now. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus was the most phone sold in 2015 with 210 million sells. The iPhone is looked at as a personal computer which is considered a robot.

The iPhone one of the most popular features is of course sire. Siri is designed to be like your personal helpful person that can find anything for you. I mean who doesnt want to find stuff by voice makes you feel more in touch, its the aspect of verbal interaction with you iPhone. Also the iPhone is connected with apple which is a very big company from computers to TV’s to watches. Apple has been around for years so people want to keep what they’ve been knowing because people dont like change. And of course the Apple watch you can speak to siri from it, make calls, text message, weather, news almost anything from something around you wrist it is very beneficial to people in the work place

Although the iPhone has very good benefits it is slowly moving us from communicating to real people not a voice generator. Since the iPhone was made the average time of people on a cellular device in a day has went up. Studies say that the more time you are on cellular device the more anxiety is cause. Also having the iPhone from personal experience is the only “acceptable” phone as teenagers in society. If You dont have one you are seen as less fortunate because of what you use as a cellular device. Also iPhones 6 and 7 model are almost identical but it doesn’t have a headphone jack, better sound and picture and thats all, and it cost 200 dollars more to get one. This shows that people are buying what “in”.

Knowledge Question? Will the iPhone ever die off?

I don’t believe it will because in the future they will have better models. But of the models keep being the same I think the numbers of iPhones bought will go down. But will always be “in”. because people dont like change.

Would you recommend an iPhone?

Yes, because it is very helpful but I dont think you should depend on iy.

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