Hacking Through Amazon’s Jungle of Coverage
Jeff Jarvis

The lack of “fair-and-balanced” is in THIS kinder-and-gentler attack piece which is a typical destabilization slam as seen in the attacks by the pesticide industry on Rachel Carson; the attacks by the tobacco industry on those who noted links between cigarette smoking and cancer, particularly lung cancer; the attacks by the fossil fuel industry on climate disruption science and scientists, the attacks on Putin and Russia about the CIA-downed MH17 over Ukraine … and, as is often stated on tv, “and MORE.” MUCH much more.

This Journo Prof writer should first place his eye at the correct end of the telescope or his eyes in the correct end of the binoculars. Then remove them completely from the technology and gaze at the horizon and cosmos and wonder about the TOTAL LACK OF FAIR-AND-BALANCE in the vast cesspool of US mass communications media about Amazon. for THATTHERE is where the lack of COVERAGE, CONTENT AND FAIR-AND-BALANCE can be found. It would take a reasonably short and simple internet search to locate how many stories have appeared in print, broadcast, cable or internet BLOG posts about HORRIFIC WORKING CONDITIONS at AMAZON in say, the last year or so. At THAT point, it would be appropriate to wonder at the lack of FAIR-AND-BALANCE and the ABSENCE of ANY coverage at all even APPROACHING what the new york times did on Amazon over the weekend. [I have done a quick-and-dirty protoype of said search which JournoProf apparently didn’t do.]

THEN this writer could raise some authentic “journalistic questions” about Amazon coverage in the entire American media and wonder why what it NOT reported is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than what IS REPORTED. On a weekend. In the “lib’rul’ new york times. Indeed, why is it that in American Journo, except perhaps for the McClatchey papers, what they do NOT tell you is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than what the DO tell you.

And then the pot Goebbels, I mean Jarvis responds to a comment herein by complaining about the lack of intellectual honesty and calling the kettle chartreuse. Whoooaaaaaa.

And how has it happened, indeed, that the old Soviet Pravda and Izvestia which I used to enthusiastically pillory in my own classes on Authentic Journalism have moved to New York and Washington, and the old New York Times and Washington Post have moved to Russia in Sputnik and RT? And, looking south, teleSUR is more trustworthy than ANY of them.

Here’s the deal. When people like Phil Donohue and Cenk Uygar and Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges and Naomi Klein and Angela Davis and Lady Gaga get one hour shows on msnbc, or, say, Fox News — and when cable/dish provides an, ahem, FAIR-AND-BALANCE set of ACTUAL FOREIGN NEWS BROADCASTS for us to compare THEIR shit against OUR shit, then AND ONLY THEN can we ALL — including JournoProf — start complaining about FAIR-AND-BALANCE and INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY in ***ONE*** PARTICULAR TINY nyt STORY. And NOT BEFORE. Savvy?

Plus I am gobsmacking a guy who says he is a JournoProf. Pretty strange, eh? Or perhaps I am smoking too much weed. Yes, that’s it. I am smoking too much weed. Toooo muchhhh weeeeeed ahhhhhhh.