We need the electoral college. The USA IS the Electoral College

Stop talking about getting rid of the electoral college.

You’re not thinking.

If you don’t have an electoral college, you don’t have a United States of America. Seriously.

When a state like California or New York has a disproportionately large vote count, they will yank national elections around with them. Why would states like Idaho and South Dakota give any mind to what people in LA or NYC think is the best way to govern unless there is an institution like the electoral college that gives them a fairer say in the way that federal-level events play out. Answer: they wouldn’t. Duh.

I don’t want to break the country into pieces, therefore I don’t want to get rid of the electoral college.

Getting rid of the electoral college is a stone’s throw away from secession, which, at least once in our country’s history, can lead to a civil war.

If you don’t have a better solution to the problem of Idaho and South Dakota and Wyoming and Nebraska getting yanked around by California’s populations, then don’t talk about getting rid of the mechanism currently in place to act a bridge for the people’s voice that spreads across the country.

If you have a solution besides, “Most votes wins!” then I’d love to discuss it.

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