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Jan 25, 2018 · 2 min read

#Holochats #EthicalComputing

When imagining humans and what it means to be human, the complexity of an answer to cover all the criteria would be too immense to cover in a chat. It requires a time frame to validate meaning and be of any value. Niche humanity, because culture defines what’s ethically accepted by the group.

In this context of creating ethical computing for humanity, having consideration of cultural norms and safe barriers to preserve the fundamental aspects of what makes humanity exciting is vital to creating an environment to protect against prejudices. If two groups of different cultures are interacting in person, there are the inherent reflex prejudices present and influencing the outcome of the experience. Understanding the differences present between the groups before interaction commences will be beneficial in determining whether there will be a shared benefit or a negative outcome.

To clearly create an agenda of interaction focused on a goal where common ground can easily establish connection and unity in the fastest possible way is an ethical idea although also very utopian. To form a system which instantaneously outlines a path to common understanding or completes a shared fundamental in understanding will create a first value and foundation of safety. What matters to humans is safety and security and the opportunity to preserve traditions is an expectation of many.

Is it worth it the risk … is it worth my time to try to understand another culture or what’s ethically accepted in that group what might not be the same in my group. The only answer I have that satisfies this predicament of accurately understanding what it means to be human is the ability to have choice and for the variety of those choices to already be as closely aligned with my culture as possible. Because having every option available that’s not necessary to my already formed cultural beliefs and constructs is going to create confusion and contempt for that system. Whatever solutions there are going to be going forward there are going to need to be carefully curated and nurtured to have a higher rate of success towards understanding essential and logical steps towards progress and fulfillment of specific agendas. The best way is to reduce noise. That brings clarity, but that’s also very partial to each culture and dynamic within it ethically. Whatever ethical computing should be it should be simple to start and increment in timely options to diversify and create a unique path just as unique as it is to be human. Basic flavors to start with and evolving with time to create connoisseur experiences. With the option to respawn every now and again.

Not really sure if any of the above makes sense but it does to me in my own naive little way, if you want to criticize make sure it’s positive, else you are ethically fucked up and I will want to kill you because I’ve got human issues else STFU! Don’t say I didn’t give you any options. Siyonara for now.

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