Maybe men are sick of being objectified for what the author really means when she says loser:

No… though it might hurt how she fell for every Hollywood archetype of man, (He was so tall and strong… Dark blue eyes like diamonds), at the ending it seems like she regrets rationalizing her bad decisions. Besides, what’s wrong with women wanting a man who’s got his sh#t together? Would you as a man date a druggie or a hooker that ‘is just so beautiful’? Would you want her to be the mother of your children and share a life? NO. Most of us want a healthy, beautiful and not insane woman for that! Maybe her way of referring to men can seem transactional or objectifying. But you have a bigger and better shot at raising your next generation well with a well-functioning partner. It’s not ‘date the rich guys’, it’s ‘don’t date the losers’ or at least don’t expect too much from em.

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