“When should we consider getting a data warehouse?”

The term “Data Warehouse” is widely used in the data analytics world, however, it’s quite common for people who are new with data analytics to ask the above question.

This post attempts to help explain the definition of a data warehouse, when, and why to consider setting up one.

Ps: This is a section of a guidebook our team is writing, The Analytics Set-up Guidebook. If you are interested to learn more about the high-level or best practices of modern BI stacks, feel free to check out the link to see our progress.

What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse is a type of analytics database that stores and processes your data for the purpose of analytics. Your data warehouse will handle two main functions of your analytics: store your analytical data & process your analytical data. …

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You need data analytics. But data analytics is confusing to you.

  • How can I start small but still follow best practices that help me scale the system up easily later?
  • And have you looked into building such a stack, only to find yourself quickly drowning in a sea of jargon?

At Holistics — a self-service BI platform, we’ve been making data analytics tools for over four years, and helped more than a hundred companies build their business intelligence capabilities, sometimes from scratch. …

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Update: Confused about the complex analytics landscape? Check out our book: The Analytics Setup Guidebook.

NoSQL databases like MongoDB offer a flexible, scalable and fast data storage for applications. However, the lack of analytical functions and JOIN operation makes it hard to analyze data in NoSQL databases.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through 5 simple steps to not only build a real-time dashboard but also a scalable data analytics stack out of your MongoDB using Holistics:

  1. Modeling Data, Import Data, Transform Data
  2. Build and Explore a Dataset to create meaningful…


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