Getting to Know Operation Death Eaters

The Anonymous group battling sex traffickers

Its mission is simple: Identify high profile child predators and traffickers and expose them. Operation Death Eaters, a sect of the hacker/activist group Anonymous, doesn’t like the term pedophile, though. The group uses the term “pedosadist,” as they say there is no sexual orientation called pedophilia, because true sexual orientation is based on acts between two consenting adults.

Despite what many may think when they hear of Anonymous, Operation Death Eaters does not use hacking to get information. The operation exists more like an independent nonprofit; it cultivates sources, reaches out to the public and uses any legal methods for obtaining information that it can. The members are looking for primary sources, court documents and mainstream media reports that can identify sex criminals, according to their website.

A website associated with the operation spells out how to successfully achieve the group’s goals. The methods include establishing “the credibility and scale of the story,” questioning possible propaganda related to a story, raising awareness, working with journalists and working with “human rights lawyers to receive affidavits to help push for inquiries or for ongoing inquiries to investigate.” Instead of operating as renegade disruptors who shoot blindly into the darkness, as some might portray the group, the goals and plans for achieving the goals look more like a guide for investigative journalism.

“Most of the cases [being investigated]… were suggested to us by followers and are representative of some of our worst offenders,” OpDeathEatersUS, a member of the U.S. section of the operation, told me. “The U.S. team is focusing right now on pedosadists and enabling mechanisms in positions of power who’ve had recent charges brought against them — ‘mystery’ billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his collaborators or fellow pedosadists; former U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman; Daniel Rosen, Director, Plans and Policy, Bureau of Counterterrorism at the State Department, among others. Institutions are also being investigated for roles in the trafficking of children, or enabling of pedosadism by virtue of institutional policies encouraging cover-ups.”

Operation Death Eaters members believe most organizations that could combat sexual perverts in positions of power are corrupt and will not go after risky targets. Therefore, the operation is dead set on being the lone ranger pursuing these monoliths. “Our legal system is horrendously arbitrary in its approach to pedosadists, and like so many other institutions in the U.S., those with money or influence usually win in court — survivor rights, children’s welfare, and potential harm to others be damned,” OpDeathEatersUS said.

One of the issues raised by the operation is that institutions that largely govern themselves often don’t punish people within the institution, including known cases of child molestation in the Catholic church, OpDeathEatersUS said. The military is a target of the operation too, as scandals within the military are often dealt with by military courts, and it’s possible for perversions to occur that prevent convictions. They said “the actual creation of soldiers for perpetual war also creates people whose moral filters may have been damaged by the training they experience in order to kill, by dehumanizing those they are told to target.” They referred to the case of U.S. soldiers purchasing young girls in Bosnia and using them for sex.

The current incarnation of the group started in November of 2014. Operation Death Eaters does not just operate in the United States, but there are also sects in Canada, Russia, Mexico, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Since the operation involves many members who assist solely through online communication, it’s difficult to know how many people are involved, but it is known there are at least 47 core members, and there are likely many more involved.

One of the major ways the operation is trying to pursue traffickers and perverts is to pull back the curtain often created by the media. “Right now we have individual news stories about people and situations that all seem unrelated aside from the nature of the crimes,” OpDeathEatersUS said. “In order to see influence networks, thereby identifying collusion and possible corruption, we need the ability to look beyond these individual stories and see the relationships between the various documented players.”

Those involved in the operation are working to create a database that “will identify corruption and/or collusion in a well-documented manner.” The news stories that do appear that identify crimes committed by high profile figures and the general string of allegations that appear elsewhere can get lost in the ether, so they’re hoping to pool the information to create a clearer picture of what may be happening.

OpDeathEatersUS said the media has also failed Anonymous and this operation specifically by portraying members in a way they don’t feel is fair. They said Anonymous is often used like a buzz word to incite fear or to invalidate what the group is doing by connecting it with actions that it did not participate in. “The media is comfortable conveying Anonymous as hapless losers, children playing at anarchy in a basement or criminals conspiring to blow up the world due to lack of intelligence or an inability to understand the nuance of reality,” OpDeathEatersUS said. “They are not quite as comfortable portraying an operation as legal, sophisticated, sane and adult.”