You stare into the closet, trying to decide on a shirt. After a couple of minutes you snap out of it, suddenly aware you’re just standing there. Lost in thought. Again. You arrive at the office, the feeling of apathy growing with every step. Not sure what’s worse. The initial feeling of pain and struggle, or the numbness you’ve been feeling lately.

Soundtrack of the day: Constant bickering over who needs which resources the most, dissatisfied customers, even more dissatisfied employees working overtime because someone else promised something on their behalf. And as always, no time to migrate from that decade old legacy system that threatens to commit suicide at each release. Rinse and repeat.

You return home to your spouse and kids, late as usual. Frustrated after yet a miserable day at work. New arguments ensue. Harsh words engineered to hurt each other, wondering why you said them the next minute. Too tired and proud to apologize, you yell the kids to bed. When they finally fall asleep, you and your significant other watch another episode of Game of Thrones from opposite ends of the couch. The air thick with words not spoken.

11:30PM. You hit the pillow, but are unable to sleep as you try to figure out how to get anything done the next day. In between your work related worries, you debate whether you’re the worst parent ever, except maybe Hitler. Somehow being judged as «not quite as bad as Hitler» doesn’t make you feel better. Did Hitler even have children? You make a mental note of googling it tomorrow. A minute later you pick up your phone and type “Hitler children” in the search bar.

You finally figure out a game plan for tomorrow at 2AM, only to have it shot down by emergency meetings and artificial deadlines the next day. This new project comes up.

Apparently, this one is really important.