Have you ever found yourself struggling to tell whether an AI or machine learning solution is worth it? Or understand what it does? If so, you are not alone.

The availability of AI and machine learning products has never before been so far reaching. Some incredible advancements have been made possible using these techniques. This has been followed by a lot of hype around the topic, where coverage can make it sound like AI and machine learning are magic tools that will solve any problem they are presented with.

If you think such coverage sounds too good to be true…

How do you quickly get a new team on the same page and delivering value when the theme of the project is known but an overarching target is somewhat less clear?

We recently found ourselves in this situation, when two teams working on tightly linked projects were merged. Both teams had defined their own problem statement but now the problem space was large and the focus not clear. Furthermore, the delivery time was limited. We decided to try something new — a GV Design Sprint.

In this post I will share my thoughts and lessons learned from using the framework…

A fellow data scientist once told me “Data scientists used to be like unicorns — no one believed we existed”. I suspect no-one doubts our existence today, but because of the growing popularity of the field in the last few years it can be difficult to find other experienced data scientists. An ideal situation would be to have, as my colleague Leila put it, “a diverse personal network of data scientists we could get together with to talk about graphs, discuss hiring challenges…or just to have a drink and a chat”.

Here’s out story about how we succeeded in bringing…

How do you land your dream job in London? You may have decided that you want to work in a tech company, and maybe also in a particular industry — or not (don’t worry, I hadn’t!), but where do you proceed from there? In this post I am going to describe the route that I took to becoming a Security Data Scientist at Panaseer.

Last November I had just finished my MSc in Pure Mathematics and was not sure what to do next. I love learning new things but knew I didn’t want a career in academia. My background didn’t…

Þórdís Stella Þorsteins

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