Here’s what successful product executives recommend you do

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Nearly every company is struggling to keep up in the digital age. 100+ year old companies such as General Electric and Citi are of course trying to catch up, but even Snapchat — a company that was itself disrupting media just a couple years ago — is now playing catch up as well.

My company, Alpha, sits at the intersection of product management and data-driven decision-making. We’ve been fortunate to interview 125+ business and product leaders on This Is Product Management and have over a third of the Fortune 100 using our integrated experimentation platform. …

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Product management will drastically evolve over the next 10 years. So much will be different that we’ll look back on this as a primitive, nearly unrecognizable period in its evolution. We’re basically in the MS-DOS phase, still messing around with floppy disks when we’ll soon be using iPhones.

That’s not to say that we haven’t already come a long way. Three years ago, product management as a formal discipline was not widespread. When we started Alpha in 2014 to enable companies to run product experiments, our early adopters rarely had product management titles even though that’s essentially what they…

Thor Ernstsson

Founder and CEO of Alpha — Previously founder and CTO of Rally Health & seller of virtual farm equipment.

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