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thorik mustaqim
Mar 27 · 3 min read

A Decentralized Oracle Service Network to Boost Blockchain Usability with Real World Data and Computation Power

Dos Network is a scalable layer-2 protocol that offers decentralized data feed oracle and decentralized verifiable computation oracle to mainstream blockchains. it connects on-chain smart contracts to off-chain internet data,also supplies unlimited verifiable computation power to blockchains, enabling more commercial applications with real world use cases.

The Features Of Dos Network

Dos Network is chain-agnostic, that mean it could serve all existing smart contrat platforms. it’s decentralized, mean that it has no single point of failure,no central trust in a single company or special hardware,the trust lives in math and code.
Dos Network opens a door to perform cross-chain interaction between hetegeneous blockchains. it supports data feed oracle services to both Ethereum Blockchain and Eos Blockchain.

In Case , Dos Network Provide the ability for on-chain smart contracts reaching and reacting to external events in a decentralized and trustless way. This unlocks a lot of use cases that smart contracts are now capable of with the help of Dos Network.

What the problem can DOS Network solve?

Besides the widely-discussed scalability problem, currently there are another two big issues hindering the widespread adoption of smart contracts and large-scale commercial Ðapps:

  • - Blockchain is a closed and deterministic system and the execution of a given smart contract in all validating nodes must reach a unanimous result, otherwise consensus is broken. This is an inherent limitation of blockchain consensus mechanism. Thus, smart contracts are not allowed to perform network I/O operations with off-chain world, they can only consume input from on-chain states and transaction data.
  • - There are a lot of on-chain resource limitations such as the expensive storage cost and computation constraint (gas limit, cpu time limit, etc.), preventing complex computing in smart contracts.

The mission and value of DOS Network is to solve these two problems to enrich smart contracts and decentralized economy with real world data and more computing power, paving the way for the mass adoption of blockchain.

Dos Network Roadmaps

it can be concluded that from the roadmap of this project it is very good from the location of the planned program , And More Expansion user of DOS Network Also expansion of application usage targeted in the Roadmpas . The project will achieve great victories and a lot of attention! looks very serious and promising.

1. Project This is very good to because planning and conceptualization of this project itself is very good with High Potential Market increasing growth of the project.

2. A very innovative concept of this project. other things like A trustworthy decentralized solution without single point of failure. the product from this project is very useful. that is an application that is very useful for people.

3. Qualified Team ,The Team has a proven record, and is managed by the Leader of the project with experience of Former software engineer and tech lead at Google.

That’s why Project looks very promising, with AWESOME team and FABULOUS community.
So,Don’t miss this one!

See on the following link , to know more about the project :
Website :
Twitter :
Medium :
Youtube :
Also Join Their Telegram Group :
Whitepaper :

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