First global sharing App , RENTO!

Profit from the First Global Sharing App

Rento creates an ecosystem for the development of sharing economy. Not only can you reduce consumption, but also profit from sharing unused things you already own. At Rento take care of our investors. By producing cutting edge blockchain technology for securing transactions between users, we create demand for Rento token. While using our blockchain will be optional on our app, it is safe to assume that more users we have the more our token will be worth.

Rento — The Future is Now

Rento is an app connecting business owners with clients and rental services with users. It also makes room for the development of sharing economy. Why buy a rotary hammer if your neighbor has one in his garage? Why should your vacuum cleaner stay in the closet for 90% of the time if you can rent it out? On top of that offering your services in Rento gives you additional earning opportunities. And most importantly, why use several different apps to book, rent or share, if all of your needs can be met by just ONE app? Rento is a game changer for millions of devices, books, vehicles and other things that collect dust instead of profits for their owners.

The Ecosystem of Rento

Benefits for Rento token holders:

  • Lowest price for Rento token, which will be used as a fee on RentoBlockchain
  • Easier for ICO participants to become a Rento Model Store franchise owner
  • Cheapest deposit to participate in the Rento Model Store Franchise
  • Helping the growth of sharing economy
  • Possibility of being a RentoShare holder, after we receive a license
  • After issuing of the Security Token, shareholders will receive dividends from company profits

Basic information about tokens

Token name :Rento
Ticker Symbol : RTO
Start of public sale : 16.10.2018
End of public sale : 28.02.2019
Total supply : 600 000 000 RTO
Decimal places : 8
Token standard : ERC20
Network base : Ethereum
NetworkTokens for sale : 264 000 000
Owners tokens : 305 000 000
Bounty tokens : 6 000 000
Tokens for team and advisors : 25 000 000
Price range for token sale : $0.01 — $0.12
Source code : rento-rto-erc20-token

Distribution of Funds

60% : Technical Development and Team
23% : Marketing and Business Development
7% : Operations
3% : Legal expenses
7% : Reserve fund
Rento Token Sale

Buy RENTO! Now!

The 2nd Stage WIll End In 15 days from now!

The project will achieve great victories and a lot of attention! looks very serious and promising. Definitely worth investing in.

Good Project? Yes!

A reliable and promising project. There is a very strong team working on this project. A promising idea of the project is always one of the key indicators of successful initiatives. The project has a good concept and perspective.The team working on the development of this token is one of the best for today, true professionals of your business, with whom it is pleasant to work. I advise everyone to get acquainted with the project and be part of it. A strong and cohesive team, clearly the goal and the current plan to achieve it. All this will certainly lead the project to success! built with careful planning, and on the run with a great concept by a great team. The investor should not lose sight of this major project with a large share in the market.

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