FaceBook is Growing Up

I have not been able to say this in a long time, I actually, kind of like FaceBook. I have had FaceBook since it passed the college only period. When I first joined, I loved it. I could connect with friends and family with ease while sharing what I ate for lunch. I had this love for FaceBook for a good few years, but then it started falling apart. I have kept FaceBook on and off for all these years, barely using it, but I have noticed myself using it more and more. At first I didn’t even realize it, but when I did, I had to find out why.

Everyone that uses FaceBook has seen changes, both big and small. Your timeline is always changing its organization, there are new features, and even new accompanying apps. These were actually the reason why I deleted my FaceBook over two years ago. I deleted it for those reasons and because I had more friends that I didn’t talk to than ones that I did. After a six-plus month hiatus from FaceBook I created a new profile thanks to the coercion of my wife. When I first created my new FaceBook I only used it to connect with a select few individuals. I didn’t even install the app on my phone.

Since then FaceBook has accomplished a lot. FaceBook has acquired Instagram, they have updated how you can interact with your news feed, made it easier to consume your content in one place, and most importantly grown up. By grown up I mean aged, but this doesn’t mean what you may think. Sure, it is an older platform now, but I mean it has matured. First off it doesn’t appeal to the kiddies anymore, SnapChat still holds that crown. Secondly, it’s not just grandma’s and grandpa’s stalking ground anymore either. It is finally starting to be efficient and fun, so the 20 to 40-year-olds are back on it. I can have adult conversations with people now and it is great for business. One of those awesome features that FaceBook implemented is FaceBook dark posts or ads. They have done it better than most. They are not only affordable, but they are also very powerful. You can narrow your target down to location, age, profession, ethnicity, or any other information that FaceBook may have of theirs. This may seem like an invasion of privacy, but the user opts in for this by adding that information. I now go on FaceBook more than one time a week, hey even more than one time a day. I am still frustrated with the timeline that aggregates information based upon FaceBook’s algorithm. FaceBook has added that ability to move your most important friends and pages to the top. For me, this is how I consume most of my news feed. I scroll through my favorites and I am off, that is if I am not waiting someplace bored out of my mind, then maybe I’ll scroll a little further.

I am not saying that FaceBook is quite “there” yet. It still has a lot of work to make all of its eccentric features completely useful. This time last year I was ready to write FaceBook off, now my feelings have changed. FaceBook may not be my first stop for social networking, but I can see it being so this time next year. So FaceBook, keep maturing, and maybe, just maybe I’ll want to use you as my go-to social network.

Originally published at www.mindhungry.com on November 13, 2015.