82. How will I attack 2016?

As I think about what 2016 might have in store, I’m excited about a few central themes. They are all topics that I have thought about with varying degrees of formality in the past. I am looking forward to creating more output on all fronts in the year to come.

I have loosely titled the themes, as I eluded to in my post yesterday, as follows:

  • The state of the company in 2016
  • Skills, knowledge and opportunities in 2016
  • The technology of trust in 2016
  • Ambient health and happiness in 2016

I will address of each of these topics in more detail and discuss what I mean and why I’m interested in them over the next four days.

When it’s all said and done, however, my goals for 2016 are fairly fundamental:

  • Be a better husband, son, brother and friend
  • Serve customers with products and / or services that they care about
  • Be an accountable colleague who takes ownership for his work and adds positivity to the work place
  • Think about everything with an approach that is more collaborative than idealistic, that attempts to understand all perspectives, and that — as much as possible — builds on first principles reasoning.

Note to reader: This is day 82 of 92 in my commitment to write for 30 minutes each day from October 1 through the end of 2015. Previous posts can be found here.

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