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Today, in class we watched a ESPN 30 for 30 short called “Untucked” on Marquette’s championship team and its unique uniforms. What stood out to me was how innovative the uniforms were, and that Coach Al McGuire allowed Bo Ellis to design them. Bo Ellis was majored in fashion design at Mount Mary College, a school close to Marquette while still being enrolled at Marquette and on the team. I found it funny that Jim Boylan, one of the players at the time, wore the uniforms in practice to see how they looked on camera. Around Christmas of 1977, Al McGuire announced this would be his last year of coaching. Marquette got into the tournament and went on huge winning streak and wound up winning the NCAA Championship. After Marquette’s success, the NCAA outlawed the “Untucked” uniforms because, “Coaches complained Marquette had a recruiting advantage” so the uniforms became outlawed in 1984.

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