To do my best studying, whether it be to do homework, study for a test/quiz, or do a project, I like to go to the Law School building to work. The building is nice and quiet, has great internet connection, plenty of power outlets, comfortable chairs, food if necessary, and is close to the dorm if there is unsettling weather or I forget something. This building is also great because I am able to work in relative silence with little distractions, such as doors opening/closing, people talking, no TV, and no blaring music. When I leave to go study, I always make sure to wear something comfortable, because the last thing I need is something to distract me from my work, thus giving me a reason to stop studying early. In addition to my dorm being close by in case of bad weather, being able to have friends close enough to meet and get food or meet to study for a project is nice. The website overall agrees with most of my study preferences. “It is important to be comfortable…It’s also important to get away from nagging family, friends, phone, TV, etc.”

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