Typically, when I watch video I get it from YouTube because I follow different shows or people that post different videos that I find interesting. YouTube allows me to watch funny videos, episodes or parts of shows, highlights of sports games, or even music/lyric videos to a new song that came out. On Facebook, most of the videos that come up can easily be found on YouTube under the popular category, however every now and then there will be a video that I haven’t seen before. Facebook videos have a very large variety such as things that are cute, funny, sports highlights, or some sort of trick. There are many other websites that have videos to watch but I prefer going on YouTube where I can search for anything I want, just like when I want to look up something for class on google. I can find anything I want or need on YouTube.

When I am watching different video content I usually watch it on my smart phone. I find watching the videos on my smart phone easiest because I can watch it on the go. Unlike with a computer or TV, I don’t have to be sitting at my desk or in my room, the phone allows me to watch things as I walk to or from class. However, if the the video content is something that is longer such as movie or TV show, I will watch it on my computer or TV because it is a larger screen.

I believe what drives this behavior of watching video is the technological era we live in now. We seem to always want things now, or as fast as possible. With being able to watch video on your phone, you don’t have to wait until you are in the library or your dorm room. You can watch video’s wherever you want to. Many people have different apps on their phones and many of those apps play different video so the mobility of the phone combined with the apps make it easier to watch things on the go. YouTube was one of the first websites for video content and although there are different websites for different content many people watch YouTube videos because it is one of the largest search engines and one of the most popular search engines for watching videos.

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