SJWism, Emotion, Free Speech and Violence
Keri Smith

Great observations about the irrational turn taken by the American left. I don’t think the Social Justice movement was ever supposed to last as long as it has. “Social” Justice as opposed to actual justice was adopted by Marxist socialists as a means to foment strife within American culture and cripple the judiciary. It was remarkably effective at challenging the orthodoxy of America’s Judeo-Christian foundation. It has however been assimilated into American culture supplanting the “rugged individualist” mentality with a victimhood herd mentality.

If emotions become widely prioritized over ideas, thoughts, facts or arguments, how can we hope to have dialogue, compromise, or peace?

Isn’t that the point? Maybe I’m over cynical but I assumed this was the desired outcome. I can’t imagine these lugubrious displays by protesters, the constant diatribe of hyperbole from the news media, and now the blatant attack on free expression of ideas by academia aren’t purposefully contrived to shut down dialogue. It seems to me to be a well funded concerted effort to divide and stupefy the population.

relieves you of the burden of personal responsibility

Isn’t this the core of every leftist agenda? In the final analysis every secular progressive policy proposal aims to reduce individual freedom to alleviate the burden of individual responsibility, to decouple consequences from choices. We are being programmed for this with “safe spaces” and “participation trophies.”