The Magical Thinking of the Anti-Trump Left
Andrew Leber

I think you missed the point. The real purpose of all this noise is not some desperate hope for a “smoking gun” It’s all designed to make Trump’s administration less effective and provide cover for the failings and inaction of elected democrats. To date, it doesn’t seem to be working.

What’s interesting to me is the Trump Twitterstorm phenomenon. In what ought to further damage Trump’s influence in fact seems only to damage the news media.

I kinda feel sorry for those guys, (the msm) the country has turned on them. It is of course chiefly their own fault; Americans wouldn’t have gone looking for alternative sources of news if they were satisfied with the job traditional news was doing. But now more people trust Trump’s rantings on Twitter (at least within the context that Twitter is unimportant) than trust the news reporter discussing them.

If this trend continues, you can look to more Democrat losses in the mid terms and Trump’s landslide reelection in 2020.