America is a really great place.
Allow Me to Clarify
Dave Pell

Isn’t that the point of Trump’s presidency? Seems to me the passion that drove Trump through the Republican primary and on to victory was the recognition that America IS a really great place and that the “fundamental transformation” was a bad idea.

The evidence is overwhelming if you consider the last six years holistically. 2 years after Obama had carried Democrat majorities into both houses of Congress on his coat tails, their progressive policies were earned them the largest House swing since 1948 with Dems losing 64 seats. They also lost the supermajority they enjoyed in the Senate.

It didn’t end there as state after state replaced tax and spend Democrats in State Legislatures and Governors Mansions across the country.

It didn’t stop there either. In 2012 Obama narrowly defeated Romney (a Progressive RINO) but lost more seats to Republicans as Americans increasingly “woke the fuck up” from the nightmare of Democrats’ disastrous policies.

But then those same Republicans we trusted to roll back the secular progressive agenda turned out to be big government progressives too. So we punished them too -with Trump.

In a fit of childish rage, a collective temper tantrum that would make a two year old blush, we rejected the whole underlying belief system that the media identifies as “the establishment.”

We sent a buffoon to assume the so-called “most powerful position on earth” or “leader of the free world.”

Why? Because it doesn’t matter. Trump’s antics don’t matter because the federal government doesn’t matter. You and your family are marching in the streets protesting the current regime in a long line of corrupt and ineffective regimes. But it doesn’t matter. Accommodating Trans-gender people into our military doesn’t matter if it does nothing to win wars. ICE doesn’t matter if they fail to defend our borders. Obamacare doesn’t matter if it does nothing to save lives. Signing a Climate Change accord doesn’t matter if it has nothing to do with Climate Change.

Our federal government really just isn’t important, especially if they can’t manage to provide the most basic functions of government. They could shut down tomorrow and for most of us, it would be a blessing.

Think we need the FCC to allocate the RF spectrum to ensure our cell phones work? They already did that, go home now. Think we should set aside our most beautiful natural places? Done, go home now. Want to integrate each state’s militia into a unified national force? It’s called the National Guard, the rest of you can hand over the reigns. We’d survive.

The nationwide spectacle of progressive liberals pooping their diapers on national TV doesn’t matter, because none of the things they are passionate about matter. Every complaint is just silly, over-the-top, hair splitting. For the rest of us, we’re just tired. Worn out having to worry about what new social experiment our overbearing national government will foist upon us.

What will we do about “immigrants” fleeing their own war-torn country? Nothing. How can we make combat training more fair and inclusive? We won’t. When are we going to jail those ignorant climate change deniers? Never. Can’t we stop dangerous ideas from being spoken aloud at our Colleges and Universities? No, that’s dumb, and it makes us all dumber.

So go on progressives, keep acting like bratty two year olds. It only drives voters into the loving embrace of the GOP.