This weekend saw massive town hall protests against Trumpcare and Trump
Josh Israel

It’s been well documented by now that professional agitators are being shipped in to disrupt town hall meetings, especially those Republicans who are seen as vulnerable in the next election cycle. It is dishonest to describe these people as “constituents” but I suspect any writer representing an organization called “ThinkProgress” is motivated by agenda not honesty.

Republican politicians have historically done a better job of outreach to their constituents, bypassing DC lobbyists and big labor bosses by conducting “town hall meetings”. Rather than conduct their own outreach which often results in some uncomfortable questions from citizens, the Democrat strategy is to disrupt Republican town halls in order to foment dissent and present the appearance that large numbers of citizens are upset. It has the extra side benefit of shutting down free speech by out-screaming any thoughtful dialogue.

These tactics, while immature, can be effective when there is true injustice, but the current progressive narrative isn’t resonating. Maybe because secular progressive policies aren’t working, maybe because Americans still believe accepting government handouts is weakness, or maybe because rudeness and bullying cloaked in political correctness are seen as a bigger social problem than transgender bathrooms or anthropogenic climate change.

In any case, this is a blatant piece of propaganda, aimed at repeating and legitimizing a lie. Droves of angry constituents were heard last November, this is just political theater.