Thanks, but my piece isn’t on the broad philosophical definition of conservative, liberal, or…
Donald Earl Collins


Getting back on track now. I have offered you a pretty good set of definitions for the terms you chose to write about. If you are unable to define the terms for yourself then you should refrain from making such sweeping and demonstrably false statements.

Nice attempt at red herring by arguing that the US is center-right when compared to other G20 nations but my question to you was: How, as you claim, is the US “moving” to the right when it’s clearly moved left?

As you seem to have no answer I assume you concede the point.

As for your strange diatribe about your safety from “trigger happy cops” and “micro aggressions” it feels a little too much like you’re running to a bunker of Orwellian double-speak. But your bunker is made from paper mache; 2 + 2 does in fact equal 4, and regardless of where America stands on the political continuum of nations, it is moving left.