How to Persuade a Trump Supporter to Reject and Resist Trumpism

Sorry, didn’t finish this absurdly looooong article on curing your friends and neighbors of their support for the current POTUS. As someone who travels the flyover red states and personally knows many a Trump supporter it is clear to me from the NASCAR and Alcohol references that you truly have no idea who supported Trump or how to engage them. In fact a better title for your article might be “How to be Insufferable and Ignorant”

I would remind my liberal friends that the most effective argument for Same Sex Marriage was not name calling and bullying; it was the simple fact that broadening the definition of marriage expanded freedom and took NOTHING away from anyone. In fact all of the recriminations of bigotry only entrenched an otherwise disinterested population prolonging the conflict.

The best way to convert someone to your political beliefs is to afford them the opportunity to convert you. If you’re not willing to put some skin in the game, you’ve got no game. If on the other hand you approach someone with respect and humility, they may be willing to share their thoughts with you. To quote Steven Covey: “Seek to understand, then to be understood.” That means patiently waiting for your friend/relative to move past the trite defensive phrases we’ve all learned from pundits and actually try to empathize with them. They are after all the expert on themselves.

In short, invest a lot of time and a lot of love actually getting to know that person. If you’re not willing to do that, then SHUT UP. If you care more about your political agenda than the person you’re talking to, they will know.