What is the gun culture doing to us?
Allegra Coe

That’s a great argument about the need for trust in building consensus. It’s hard to build trust when one side consistently misrepresents the other.

what message does arming [teachers] send?

Kinda a weird and backwards way of asking a question. A better question would be “Why did we deny teachers the right and means to protect themselves?”

Answer: Because we don’t trust teachers.

If you believe that the NRA or anyone else is advocating for the compulsory equipping of teachers with holsters and sidearms, then I suspect you are deeply imbedded in an echo chamber. (as evidenced by your citing articles from Vox and the Atlantic)

nothing — NOTHING — prepares you for these conversations.

I suspect previous experience as a cop does. I guarantee military experience does. But if you lack the experience (or stomach) to take responsibility for your own safety -that is your choice. It’s not a very smart choice, it’s not a noble choice, but nobody wants to deny you that choice. Just don’t impose your choice on me.

Every classroom is equipped with a complex system of smoke detectors, fire alarm pull switches, escape ladders, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. But not one pistol safe.

This little box, bolted to a floor or wall, is all that is needed for school teachers to have the ability to CHOOSE to arm themselves.

Install safes in every classroom. (no one needs to know if there’s a gun inside it or not) Most school shootings are perpetrated by students -imagine if they saw gun safes in every classroom. It’s certainly a better deterrent than a sign that advertises helplessness.

Store ammo separately from the gun. (just as the NRA preaches) An 8 round magazine for a 1911 would be imperceptible in my pocket, a 15 round mag for a Glock 17 would easily fit in a purse. Even a 6 round speed loader for a revolver could be stored in a locked desk drawer.

Ensure teachers who want to store a personal handgun in the classroom have been trained in tactics (the local police can do it in about an hour) It’s critical that armed civilians know how to interact with first responders.

Keep the gun out of sight from students. (make it a policy) We’re not trying to scare sensitive children or promote some kind of “gun culture.” (whatever that is)

Why hasn’t this already been done?