Your solution is like curing asthma by putting a plastic bag over the head of the patient.
I repeat what I said: the whole reason we are having this conversation is because great swaths of…
Tom Ritchford

That’s the typical myopic solution to dysfunctional government, more money. I know a thing or two about rescuing broken departments and organizations. Often you do need a temporary influx of cash to correct some bad choices made by the old leadership. But first you replace the old leadership. Nobody should throw money into the pit of poor leadership. You have this opportunity every few years in government.

As for the “great swaths of the US have unacceptable response times” I have personally lived in a dozen different municipalities in five different states and I’ve never experienced this problem. So I’m guessing these great swaths are concentrated in a few cities that tend to have fairly one-sided politics.

Those are actually fairly rare and, regardless of which party enjoys total dominance, they usually suck. Becky Seguin lives in Vermont, one of the highest taxed precincts on earth! I doubt that lack of funds is the problem for Becky’s town. It is probably the refusal of politicians to prioritize funding or simply say “no, we can’t afford that.”

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