Republicans are victims of a discredited economic ideology
The Brookings Institution

The Brookings Institution is victim of a discredited political ideology

Intellectually lazy. That’s what this article is. It relies too heavily upon the reader’s tacit acceptance of Marxist socialist ideology. You present a false premise then offer Democrat policy as the “solution” to a problem that clearly doesn’t exist. Your source for this prognostication? A New York Times columnist!

Sprinkle in some hyperbole disguised as righteous indignation calling Senate Republicans “inhumane” for drafting a bill that “denies health care to a large group of poor, disabled, and elderly Americans to give a big tax cut to a small group of very wealthy people.” Here’s where we know you’re a communist. The very notion that government could do anything to deny healthcare is absurd and the result of Marxist pretzel twisted logic inspired Orwellian double-speak. You see comrade, unlike the UK, in America everyone has access to healthcare. But, unlike the UK, everyone expected to pay for it, not just the “rich.”

The mistaken presumption that healthcare is a public good, like national security or highways, lies at the heart of your flawed argument. You clearly don’t understand basic undergrad level economics. Worse still you don’t understand basic voter behavior.

Voters are NEVER going to hold the same economic beliefs as the Republican platform. Likewise they won’t agree with the Democrats. They also don’t care. They aren’t economists. They experienced the consequences of progressive “solutions” and have rejected them. Increasingly, and in spite of the biased news media, voters are giving Republicans a chance.

“If the problem is a tax system that is way too complicated and anti-growth, the solution might be to partially replace the income tax with a value-added tax and/or a carbon tax.”

*Palm to face, sigh*

Is this what we can expect from a Washington DC “think tank?” You don’t like income taxes, so the solution is income taxes plus value added tax plus carbon tax. Did you even read this before publishing?!

How about Republicans do what we elected them to do? Reduce the size, scope, and cost of federal government. Maybe it will work and voters will reward them with more wins; maybe as you presume, it will fail and voters will rebel again. But doing the same thing that lost elections for Democrats would be foolish.