All along, I kept my secret.
I served 34 years in the Army. I’m transgender. President Trump is wrong.
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Then, you really have nothing to say on the subject. You served with honor and without disrupting, distracting, or otherwise endangering your fellow soldiers.

You deployed because you did not require persistent medication and had demonstrated sound judgment under tremendous stress. You were rewarded with the rank of Colonel because you consistently put the needs of the Army before your own.

Then that all changed.

It was time to live up to my own expectations, rather than the expectations of others.

And there you have it. With that one decision you showed that your priorities had changed. You decided it was more important to be a “woman” than a soldier. You decided to disrupt the routine, that it was okay to be a distraction rather than an asset, and you decided that you require daily medication.

Every soldier is asked to sacrifice something in order to best serve their country. When we no longer wish to sacrifice, we cease to be soldiers.

I don’t claim to understand why someone would want to be a female with a Y chromosome. I also don’t care. Do what makes you happy. Just don’t ask the rest of the population to make significant accommodation because you chose to follow your own path.

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