People like Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, and Barack Obama. These were scandal free Presidents
A Walk on the Wild Side
Ryan Glover

This lie has really gotten old. As is the whole “I have lowered myself into the dreck to observe these ignorant conservatives” schtick. Get over yourself.

Here’s a brief refresher on some scandal free scandals that apparently slipped your mind…

Jimmy Carter — Eagle Claw, Oil Embargo

HW Bush — “Read my lips” promise broken, Treasury Secretary guilty of Tax Evasion

Barack Obama — IRS Scandal, Fast and Furious Scandal, Solyndra, Obamacare “taxes”, spying on journalists, Benghazi, Bowe Bergdahl exchange, Iran Payoff, “Barry-cading” national monuments, “Police acted stupidly”…

Trump — said something crude 10 years ago, campaign staff met with some Russian citizens.

So really, not deserving of the constant press coverage nor your presumption of collusion.

But what about a more meaningful comparison…

HR Clinton — sold US Uranium to Russia in exchange for $2 million in “donations” to Clinton Foundation (nothing to see here folks), John Podesta heavily invested in Russian companies (money can’t buy influence or anything), staff met with Russian AMBASSADOR while campaigning! (but they’re Democrats so I’m sure its fine)

Let’s not forget, we had a binary choice. Clearly Trump was the lesser of two evils even if there is evidence of collusion.

As for lumping Fox News in with Alex Jones, or worse still imagining either of them are “conservative” is just laughable. One can only assume it is you living in an echo chamber.

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