Denying health care to someone who may have a drug abuse problem isn’t likely to help get them assistance or any healthier.
Scott Walker will ask Trump to let him drug test poor people who need health care
Bryce Covert

Uh, neither will enabling them by helping them cover the cost of their addiction.

And by the way, Medicaid is not “health care coverage” but what we get when we can’t afford healthcare coverage. Nobody is “denying” healthcare coverage to the poor and they’re certainly not denying them healthcare.

If Wisconsin voters want participants in Medicaid (most of whom are chemical dependent) to consent to treatment of the root cause of their ailment in exchange for taxpayer funded healthcare that seems fair and reasonable. I love that you cite “experts” in another article only to find that your “experts” were … YOU!

You’re only example of a drug testing regime is one in which people are flatly refused, which is no comparison at all.

It seems to me Governor Walker has come up with a winner here. It saves taxpayer money by focusing an out of control entitlement program back to it’s intended purpose while simultaneously offering appropriate service to victims of addiction.