And so, Jon D Thornton, that’s part one.
A Conservative Tasked Me With Explaining Why My Dad The Veteran Didn’t Like Conservatives
Jordan Bray

Well, Jordan Bray, I liked it. I still don’t understand your distain for classical liberalism (conservatives) but I certainly understand why you’d be disappointed with your grandparents. Sounds like “Grandpa Third Reich” had some mental illness of his own; the blind leading the blind.

You certainly do spin an interesting yarn. I especially enjoy the “reading between the lines” aspect of your storytelling and I didn’t have any problem deciphering your Craig T. Nelson narrative. Though I seriously doubt anyone remembers when Craig T. Nelson said, “I never got any help from anybody when I was on food stamps” nor do I know what he meant. It’s such an obscure reference, it’s probably not the best ending for your first chapter.

So I did a Google search on it and you misquoted him. The quote is also taken out of context, a double-whammy of dishonesty. Ironically within the context of his rant he was complaining about the VA, same as you. His solution, when government programs don’t work we should stop paying taxes. Your solution, when government programs don’t work, blame conservatives for cutting taxes. Neither of these are going to actually solve the problem and by continuing to fall back on these same old tired partisan panaceas we perpetuate failed policies. (Ooh, alliteration!)

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