For a very long time now Democrats have considered it a winning strategy to position themselves in opposition to the U.S. Constitution.

Despite America’s history of governing compacts, a sort of contract between all citizens, progressive judges argue that our Constitution is actually not a contract between the public and their government, but rather a procedural structure through which any action may be taken by government.

Ever since post Civil War reconstruction, Democrats have imagined all kinds of ways to ignore the 2nd Amendment. Likewise Republicans often bemoan the 16th Amendment. Being openly critical of one or two provisions of…

Joe Biden’s campaign recently dropped another advertisement on Medium; using the writer’s forum as a venue for campaigning. Then they hid behind the paywall ensuring that half of Medium’s users can’t comment. Cowardice in advertising, the new norm thanks to out of control PC censor.

For those who couldn’t read Biden’s article, it was a sad rewrite of history on Obamacare.

We’re told that the healthcare system was in crisis, even though over 80% of Americans surveyed at the time were satisfied with it.

We’re told that 20 million people got health insurance. But many of them DIDN’T WANT IT…

This absurdly out of touch ad proclaims we are “feeling the squeeze” between stagnant wages and high prices. But wages have risen for the first time in decades and prices are up chiefly on those things government regulates most.

Since Obamacare, which only Democrats voted for, the cost of healthcare and insurance has gone up drastically. Some of this increase is to help “cover pre-existing conditions” which isn’t technically true since everyone is now required to have insurance. But some of it is due to the added cost to comply with the bureaucracy.

Gasoline would only cost a dollar if…

— Rep Steve Cohen (D TN)

Another example Monday of that other kind of “fake news” that liberal democrats refuse to acknowledge. Despite Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller’s assertion that 12 Russian citizens who will never stand trial attempted to sway the 2016 election, President Trump chose not to publicly chastise the Russian president. I don’t know, it’s almost as if real diplomacy occurs behind closed doors rather than behind a podium, but choose what alternate facts you will.

In response to this “news,” the blatantly anti-Trump media blasted the president with all manner of unfounded accusations in support of the…

To: the Attorneys General of Washington, Virginia, New York, California, et. al.

Regarding: The frivolous lawsuit brought by 17 states against the Trump Administration policy which temporarily separates children from their illegal immigrant parents.

The issue has been resolved to the satisfaction of any reasonable person with any respect for the rule of law. No further action is warranted. We, the rational majority, request you immediately remove your respective State/Commonwealth from this ill conceived and potentially harmful lawsuit and find some other outlet for your derangement.

It is now clear that many of the children being separated from their “parents” are separated for their own protection and comfort. Need I remind you…

A Valentine to Free Markets

It saddens me that people are always putting her down. Some are even paid to produce propaganda against my beloved free market. Ironic. They sit in air conditioned shelter, on a manufactured chair, typing into some electronic device, using software (someone’s intellectual property) to decry how unfair is the system that created these things. Meanwhile the “invisible hand” doesn’t pay her defenders; the free market just keeps on rewarding producers and providing better and better goods and services to consumers. How does she do it? Capitalists! (AKA -Investors)

For those victims of public education, the term “capitalist” is itself propaganda…

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

- William Butler Yeats

Once again we face the news of yet another mass shooting in America. And once again it took all of .08 seconds for advocates of “gun control” to weigh in on how the Second Amendment is to blame.

There seems to be a belief among some that Americans will voluntarily disarm themselves once we finally recognized that our individual liberties will be our undoing. This is absurdity founded upon fallacy.

The Fallacy

Jon D Thornton


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