How to update the Asus router firmware?

Firmware is pre-installed software that can be installed on your hardware. Firmware updates are useful for getting the advanced updates of the router. Undoubtedly, one can update the firmware either by using the ASUSWRT or it can be updated by using the manual method.

Method 1: using an ASUSWRT

Here are the steps to update the Asus router firmware by using an ASUSWRT. They are:-

· Tap on the web browser’s icon on your device. Input the address in your chosen browser’s search field.

· However, the pop-up message displays over the screen at the upper right side corner, only if any of the firmware updates available for your Asus router.

· Click on the Update now and then, it will directly take the user to the Administration > system page. Then, finally, click on the [Firmware upgrade] option.

· Wait for a while, till your Asus router Firmware gets completed.

Asus router firmware

Method 2: Using Manually Update

Go with these steps to update the Asus router firmware by using the manual method.

· First, you have to download the latest firmware for your router from the Asus download center.

· Save the downloaded file on the desktop of your computer.

· If the downloaded file is a zip file, then unzip the file first.

· Access the web browser of your choice and navigate to the web address in the location bar.

· Locate Administration under Advanced settings.

· Hit the Firmware Update option and Press the Upload button.

· Select the downloaded firmware file from the desktop and click on the Open Button to upload the file.

· Now, wait for 2 to 5 minutes till the upload file completed.

· After completing the update process, the router will restart automatically.

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