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by T. Wiesmann

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„Through a switch in social and economic priorities, we must make building a regenerative and resilient society our dedicated focus. (…) By undergoing this initiation, we learn to direct our own evolution, and transform our relationship with the Earth. We master our projection of technologies, beliefs, narratives, memes, ideologies.“
Daniel Pinchbeck, How Soon Is Now

I started researching new kinds of transformative movements in 2010 as I was preparing a conference in Karlsruhe, Germany, on the topic of co-creation for prototyping a new social infrastructure based on sharing and justice. After this, two and a half years followed in which I was connecting different types of groups locally and globally to start implementing what I learned from doing interviews and becoming friends with all kinds of social innovators. I was trying to piece together a largely disjointed real-world network of people who worked and lived for topics from regenerative economic models to integral spirituality. By the time I’d finished the books I co-authored about this journey, in 2015, the world seemed to be different. Every new social subculture I encountered — from exopolitics to food sharing — was increasingly starting to reach out into other likeminded fields and it felt as if everything was beginning to become one huge network of networks.

Every time I thought I’d reached the bottom of one online culture, I discovered other connected realms still unexplored. During the Paris Climate Conference, 2015, I was working with hundreds of activists together in a hotel near the Gare du Nord to share new stories for our increasingly connected human family. I found myself joined up with people from several groups which I recently came in contact, or longer already was involved with, like United Earth, Noomap, Stop Reset Go, Share The World Resources, OuiShare, Share International etc. at an alternative Conference called The Movement of the Movements in Rotterdam that became the base of a longer-period social experiment called SYNERGY HUB, 1.0 Rotterdam.

May other people tell us their inspiring versions of all that happened in their own unique styles. May AI-assisted coders quickly create highly distributed decentralized versions of a Synergy Space App for direct access to instant downloads for all relevant knowledge that is needed to be able to live truly in the now. I will dare to tell it here in my simple written words.

After reading his recent book How Soon Is Now I wrote to the author Daniel Pinchbeck and gave him the following feedback: “Daniel, you write in your book: „What we need is something like a creative synthesis of extreme corporate efficiency, participatory democracy, socialism and mystical anarchism.“ What we need I am more and more discovering is a true science, an applied cosmology, as wisdom keepers of ancient cultures are disclosing. Interestingly this will imply a deeper break with the western superiority mentality fundamental to the crisis we are in. The application of this true science is and will be the real upcoming initiation for humanity.”

Some of us in the SYNERGY HUB attending a talk given by Richard Rudd in the room we called THE CHAPEL
The Skill to Keep Things in a Livable Balance

How devastating it was through all the past centuries for the people that unclear heroes were offered. Art has produced many unhappy people, with distorted heroic images, which are oriented towards power. The new identity, into which we now all grow, within a collective intelligence, proceeds from the renunciation of power. At first identity was defined by ownership of land, then by means of consumer goods and labor. Now it is increasingly defined by a reality organized by higher knowledge. The new identity no longer distinguishes between the ego and the we, but instead is constantly busy multiplying active surfaces. Perhaps reality is something depending on the respective dynamic of images and stories, in which we participate?

Something strange did happen out there in the consensus reality: the liberal order collapsed in late 2016. Meanwhile we, in the Synergy Hub 1.0 Antonius, Rotterdam, got a first taste of “time as art”, living with a diverse group of people from all over the world in a former extended care home, surrounded not by clocks but by a natural flow of things attuned to our inner true selves, as best we could.

What was our main purpose for coming together — a widely diverse group with constantly shifting patterns of incoming/outgoing guests from various fields? We were trying to imagine a new internet and social architectures — the first stages of the broad contours for the coalescence of a network of networks, attracting new adherents through local, national, and global nodes. Our goal was, and still is, to connect the full spectrum of issues of our practical existence within an integrated strategic, spiritual and intellectual framework — silo busting and bridging divisions of culture, class, and place, honoring diversity and pluralism within an umbrella of common principles and goals; shaping new ways of thinking and perceiving to program and evolve structures that are able to adapt to changing internal and external circumstances. 
Synergy means the integration of two or more things into something new. For example, synergy can happen between the two factors of an ethic of material sufficiency (“enough is enough”) and an equitable distribution of wealth (“enough for all”).

This paradox of social man-woman relations exists: women, in so far as they are subconsciously in the symbolic order of society, really want their connection with the social pole of power, the men. This pole of power is ruled according to the masculine logic. But when men really get too close to a woman — they really begin to love in the sense that if you really love a being, you automatically love all beings, they are leaving the apparent order of the logic of society — this step destroys their connection to the established logic of society, according to which true love must not exist, but only reciprocal dependence and exploitation. Thus, men are fleeing from women because they are subconsciously afraid that they can preserve and protect only what women actually desire. The connection to the established social order paradoxically is what women have so far co-created with all their relationships with men. This is the secret behind all this energy misused in tense pair relationships. It is only by now that we are learning to see this, that we can build a society which works according to a logic in which man and woman are not necessarily alienated from one another.

And they are already with us, these people and couples, they become more and more visible. Couples and people who manage to remain in society without reproducing its perverse logic. Yes, there are these people, couples and singles, who have already faced the inner struggle with the foundations of this fatal logic, and thereby became light bearers of a completely different new social strata. Is this not at the base of the actual social change we are going through in our time? Are not all other phenomena just reflections of this innermost process between the sexes — between aesthetics and science, rhetoric and logic?

Our Culture is transformed ever more rapidly and more sustainably the more information is shared effectively and the more wisdom-based knowledge is practically applied. This is also about how authentic human experiences are communicated in everyday life, in order to be able to build communities in which information can be shared in a trusting and meaningful way. Without the corresponding flexible social networks that emerge from such a sharing of authentic experiences, the new deep-rooted process of group collaboration cannot take hold. At the same time, it is necessary to develop a new professional field in these networks. The purpose of this new field of work is to pass on wisdom to appropriate persons and networks where insight can be exercised so that the prerequisites are met and wisdom can be practically implemented.

All this became ever more clear to me while living as part of a social experiment called Synergy Hub in 2016/17. Here it became obvious that time is now emerging as a socially constructed dimension. The cycles of activity and inactivity are closely related to the fact of non-existence of time. But if we do not limit our consciousness to an artificial time-consciousness, we break out of the old social, political, and economic structures that have so far caught us within certain time frames.

A Synergy Hub is a place that makes possible living according to the highest excitements of everyone; combining ancient wisdom with contemporary social networking and hacking culture. Thus, such a Hub is providing a social context within which the joy of mutual co-creation can in fact become the individual’s primary motive. Hackers and social networkers believe in general in an open-source culture or an open source circular economy that gives maximum possibility for creativity for everyone while using resources consciously. In this way the hacker and the networked social media culture are clear paths to the “time as art” belief of many upcoming holistic movements connected to the new science of a universe that is conscious — like the Law of Time.

The hacking/sharing/networking culture is not directly spiritual in nature but admits to a core principle of spirituality: it consciously distrusts and despises ego-based motivations and self-promotion trends. There is a commonly held agreement that the concept of the authoritative state is gradually becoming obsolete. The rise of sharing economies with reputation models, digital contracts and cryptocurrencies makes the role of central governments, established market educational institutions and connected elites outdated. The hacking-networking culture — like the culture of the “Cultural Creatives” and the subcultures of spiritual movements — developed up until now mostly in parallel to each other, all opposing in different ways the surrounding paradigm of visibly ego-driven behavior. But in sharpening contrast to the shared understanding in at least some spiritual groups of how laws, rules and principles can help us to live in harmony with ourselves and nature, the structure of the hacker networking gift culture itself is its own central mystery. 
There was this tangible excitement at Synergy Hub 1.0, that will stick with everyone who participated and will enable us occasionally to forge a new path of unconditional love and coexisting for other projects. We started together to believe in the magical powers of gestures plus words and our own dreams, still tricked and tricked again, like the slightly overwhelmed cross-dressing characters in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, by our habitual insistence on how things formerly would behave (financing, agreements, technology).

At the same time we learned from inner confrontations and issues with the local government and the legal owners of the building (plus the foundation who acted as a co-creator and a go-between) how to handle conflict in an open-source culture setting that is supported by artists, social architects, holistic healers, and holistic scientists.

Some of the synergies we explored and activated in the Hub were happening between several emergent social- and internet innovations. The Noomap team was looking at the balancing of a user driven approach instead of a technological determined approach for computing. Noomap stores data in holons, mimicking the cellular and interconnected way our brains organise information and is cocreating — or exploring options for cocreation — with Ceptr, PROFΞTH, ASC and The School of Social Alchemy. Ceptr is a Peer-to-Peer platform for building new Commons. PROFΞTH makes sure goods and services are exchanged to the maximum efficiency, by both local and global providers. ACS is a global cryptocurrency plattform. The School of Social Alchemy contextualizes activities within their planetary framework and visions for a new social body. Noomap is currently developing holonic technology for communities with an in-built Artifical Intelligence that can synchronise people and spaces based on their passions for optimal Self Governance and Resource Sharing. Together with Noomap The School of Social Alchemy is working in co-creation with renowned futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution as part of the “Planetary Mission”.

Co-creators in the SYNERGY HUB LOUNGE exploring together Cosmic Science
Is the Aesthetic Dimension the Causal Dimension?

The task to develop a prototype for a global network of interconnected places for co-creation in the new holistic lifestyle paradigm brings up the question how to choose one’s point of reference, one that is both individual and collective at the same time. This is only possible if this point coincides with the point of reference for cosmic events. For many years one of our co-creators, Juryt, studied an ancient cosmology and a new holistic science, bringing together the movement of the heavens (stars, sun and moon in relation to the earth) with the coding of our DNA.
Others in the Hub shared similar interests, as developed by groups studying and applying the Gene Keys and Human Design. The ancient Chinese Book of Changes serves in all these applications — together with astrology and quantum science — to bring along intuitive understanding of conditions in the world, penetration to the uttermost depths of nature and spirit. The movement of the 64 hexagrams in the Book of Changes, related to the human DNA, gives a complete image of the conditions and relationships existing in the world; the individual lines treat particular situations as they change within these general conditions. The Cosmic History Chronicles, published in synchronicity with our co-creator’s own received revelations between 2001 and 2007, gave him access to a vast new extraterrestrial knowledge base as a foundation for a new science and a new order of reality called The Second Creation. Both the cosmic shamanic culture of the Maya and the Chinese have already developed a deep insight into the laws of time and the laws of change, and in this way, prepared the cycle for the update now towards a global culture of peace, justice and sharing. By understanding the cosmos, as it is holographically imprinted within us, we become co-creators in the grand unfolding of consciousness. Change is movement connected to the outer plane of experience, while transformation is movement on the inner plane, to which the outer plane responds spontaneously or in synchronicity. Through body and mind, we are able to realize that the five senses are keys, the proper application of which will give us the ability for a inner transmutation that can ‘reverse’ the molecular reactions in our DNA which cause ill-health and depression etc., according to recent studies.

Since the 1990s, the idea of a technological Noosphere — a digitally linked “planetary membrane of thought” — has taken hold in its own way. But what about the download of the real natural thinking-layer of the earth? Are there ways to contact this thinking-layer directly and bypass the traps of moving into a purely technology driven future?
Juryt showed us how we can adopt a language for communication based on numbers and their symbolism that potentially gives one a mastery over all situations in life. Three years ago he published the Code Book of U in Spanish, English and Dutch that showed how the knowledge of the Mayan sacred count, the Tzolkin, can be applied to the codes of the I Ching Book of Changes, the oracle of the cosmic way. Combined, these principles from the ancient Maya culture and the ancient Chinese culture contain the categories of all that is. The molds and the scope of all transformations.

The trigrams and hexagrams of the I Ching are visual images by which one can achieve three tasks: to gain insight into the underlying principles of life (“to think through the order of the outer world” — qiongli), to understand the rules of one’s own operation system (“to explore one’s nature to the deepest core” — jinxing), and to live spontaneously aligned to the laws of life (“to arrive at an understanding of fate” — zhiyu ming).
While the I Ching is precisely synchronized with the genetic code, the Tzolkin is synchronized with the galactic code. As the genetic code governs information concerning the operation of all levels of the lifecycle, inclusive of all plant and animal forms, the galactic code governs information affecting the operations of the light cycle. The light cycle defines resonant frequency ranges of radiant energy, inclusive of electricity, heat, light, and radio waves that inform the self-generative functions of all phenomena, organic or inorganic. The two codes are obviously interpenetrating and complementary.

“The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, in spirals.” John Hartford (Image: Pages from Albrecht Durer’s 15th century sketchbook)

Juryt, in contrast to many others during its long history, does not claim to have discovered the real meaning of the I Ching. Rather, he has decoded a new sequence hidden in the original sequence relevant for our times which gives us the key to apply it regarding the unique archetypes that we are manifestations of and the daylong changes connected to the cyclic understanding of the calendar. Time is biology — this means our DNA is mathematically coded as frequency structures or 6-line codons.
The U Ching shows the working of the genetic code in time as the reflection of different Moon cycles and in this way demonstrates an interconnected relationship that is fully in accord with the scientific logic of the amino acids, which form the proteins, the building blocks of life.

Some of us accepted the challenges of the exploration, study and application of this wisdom and some accompanying futuristic games and tools to bring, each day, our outer and inner experience more together. This was as much a contemplative and playful/artistic, as it was a social transformation process towards a peaceful global culture that balances art, science and spirituality.

Some of us became more and more self-transparent for themselves and others in the Hub. For some this triggered excessive behavior and run or fight reactions. Sickness. Emotional horror. Therapeutic abuses. The personality confronting such a higher truth is always also tempted to retreat into slapstick impersonation. Egos are hiding back in irreducible loops between themselves and themselves. And so we arrived collectively for some life changing months at a true mystery play and comic-joke level, the breadth of likeminded coexistence with everything. Interdependence on such a level makes visible the deep reason why we need the high resolution language and operating system of the NOOSPHERE so that common rules, principles and laws of nature in and around us become informational and can guide us collectively to proceed ethically as Humanity to our full potentiality.

There are immutable natural laws under which changes are consummated. It is the purpose of the new integrated Cosmic Science to demonstrate these laws by means of the laws of change operating in the cycles that are also represented in the DNA and the hexagrams of the I Ching. Once we succeed in completely aligning with these laws, we acquire a comprehensive view of events; we can understand past and future equally well and bring this knowledge to bear in our actions. Only in this way can we harmonize the feminine and masculine sides of our brains, connected to the principle of movement, and the principle of rest. Principles are the microcosm of the laws of the world. When the laws of the world are grasped, therein lies perfection. With the help of the study of fundamental principles it is possible to arrive at a complete realization of our innate capacities. This unfolding rests on the fact that we have innate capacities that resemble heaven and earth, that we are a microcosm of this macrocosm.

We can apply this to the rhythm of how events unfold in a story. The beginning of a story is marked by the coexistence of a chaotic flux of frequencies and durations. Typical for a realist story is a settling into a regular rhythm, a periodicity. The very core of the middle of a story, in which all the themes and key signatures are played out to their logical conclusions immerses us in periodicity. How does a narrative achieve this? Contemporary philosophers like Graham Harman, Timothy Morton and Levi Bryant argue that everything is formal causation. Causality is wholly an aesthetic phenomenon. Hartman termed this kind of asthetic process through some kind of aesthetic inner dimension allure. Voice has for example what Harman calls allure, the simultaneity or synchronicity of aspects musicians call timbre; an energy of the dimension in which causality happens. Morton gives in his book Realist Magic (Open Humanities Press, 2013) the following explanation:

“Narrative archives periodicity through the exploitation of ratios between frequency and duration. In the middle of the middle of a realist novel, the frequency and duration ratios are in some kind of inverse form. That is, they take the form 1/n and n/1. What does this do to us readers? Time seems to dilate and compress. Days go past in a single sentence. Minutes go past like years. Thousands of repetitions become available in a single phrase. A single event is seen a thousand times. The reader loses track of time, not because there is no time, but because a host of crisscrossing rhythms is playing out. Time is suspended. (…) The kind of causality that best describes objects has to do with information flow, copying, sampling, and translation. (…) Accepting this changes our view profoundly.
Image of the code in action: 64 codons correspond to one or another of the twenty amino acids and the two coded instructions for starting and stopping the process of synthesis.
The Fine Line Connecting Laws, Principles and Rules

I have chosen to speak mainly about one co-creator so far but I could have in a similar way picked at least twenty others who had great impact on the development in and around the SYNERGY HUB 1.0 Rotterdam. Let me at least speak shortly about two more of us.

Most people we encountered in the Hub seemed to know exactly what we are like, as men or women. But they knew also how to change that. Once, for example, Shannon came up with me to the roof and told me something about her past. She had been employed by the Canadian government but had changed her life because of some kind of revelation about her true mission. She changed her name and followed her beautiful vision about being the storyteller of a new and integrative communal city-life. I considered what I understood about all this, from her words, to be an arrangement of quite startlingly naked simplicity. One of my favorite moments with her happened weeks later as we both spent an evening with a group of migrants — who lived with us in the same building — and wrote together with them a letter of solidarity. The way she was uniquely engaged with every aspect of the procedure and inspired others to share their gifts to contribute to the best of possible outcomes was one of the manifestations of pure co-creation that was the reason for us to explore this new lifestyle. I have no idea what this tells about her exactly; in her room she had on the walls a collection of spectacular white wedding dresses. I wonder if it will become the foundation for a future private museum of some sort or was it actually just some part of a haunting memory that was able at one moment to become dangerously alive again. Anyway, I was always prepared to face a mannikin in one or the other corner of her room, but could never detect one.

In one way or another we all became Johns musician friends. Was he simply unaware of his life offstage or did the sounds he produced only seem sometimes crazy to my ears and for others always like the most tender human expressions? He was certainly going through a difficult separation from a former girlfriend as he entered our space, always eager to start a conversation about how to manage certain if not all aspects of our procedures with each other. As an activist who has spent much of his life already in several community projects, he had a good ear and heart for the shortcomings of people who still act towards their surroundings from a position of hurt.

During this post-abuse period of his life improvisational music had a certain almost life-giving effect for him. It was also his way to survive his other breakup — with the established restrictions of partnership patterns of western civilization. For him music had not to do so much with entertainment, or some kind of aesthetic advancement. He preferred to talk about the way music moves during the process of making or taping music.

Like the news media, mass-produced entertainment is richly subsidised by commercial advertisers and feeds back into a certain ideological framing. Community art is the way out of this spiral that holds us back in self destructive behavior of commercial interests. Surely community art must assume its central function again, enriching people’s awareness of their real local issues. If intellect and will are correctly centered in a community and the neighborhood through art projects, the all enveloping patterns of addiction in our societies will dissolve and the emotional life will take on harmony again.

To enable this balancing, Cosmic Science provides four propositions and twenty archetypes based on wisdom and love, justice and behavior. We can only realize the scientific truth by becoming aware of the three universes of the phenomenal, imaginary and moral, as they always operate simultaneously, and thus begin to develop an advanced assessment of who we really are and what we are actually doing here. Principles (phenomenal), rules (imaginary) and laws (moral) are, in their archetypical relation to each other, the key to this process of a holistic science. A science of the soul; not informed by a creed or doctrine but a universal expression of the Divine Wisdom. Thought, desire, and action purified. This bringing together of the plane of the mind, the plane of the spirit and the plane of the will is the essence of knowing.

There are works of art produced under the frame of mass entertainment that are revelatory in this regard. For example, I discovered the actor Jade Zumann watching the movie 20th Century Woman; I thought he was brilliant. Usually I don’t watch films in the family comedies genre but got inspired to watch this one. It was very telling about how cultural conditions make women perform in certain ways and how men in reaction also perform in certain automatic ways. Jade Zumann plays a young boy who grows up in the 70’s and is shaped in his manhood by the actions/performances of the women and men around him. He absolutely reminded me in every way of a young friend of mine from Palestine with whom I had several Skype calls during my time in the HUB. So there was this boy from today playing a boy that was my age in the 70’s who acts like a friend I met in the now.

The whole film is a sociological study and a time travel experience because the actors are definitely from today but are playing people living 50 years ago. The film depicted the dissolving of cultural patterns and the liberation towards a new “Superhuman” that is able to live life as art and is engaging in synergistic co-creation.

Interestingly the film was brilliantly modeled on four archetypes: one actor playing the man as the child (Love), one actresses playing the woman as the victim (Intelligence/Justice), one actress playing the woman as the prostitute (Knowledge/Wisdom) and the last actress playing the woman as the saboteur (Prophecy/Behavior) all influencing the boy played by Jade Zumann….! Co-creation becomes possible when we have integrated the shadow aspects of these archetypes.

As you watch this film you will see more clearly that, for time as art, it is first necessary that people transcend the conditions of unconscious cultural transmitted behavior — reactions learned from past experiences. The process that reveals these patterns became really transparent back in the 70’s; now, the culture around us is just not existing anymore — or only as a ghost in disguise. We have to invent a new culture up from the galactic scratch! Our cultural conceptual system is not something we are normally aware of. In most of the little things we do every day, we simply think and act more or less automatically along certain lines we take for granted. Just what these lines are is by no means obvious. One way to find out is by looking much closer at how we interact with each other and how stories are able to “manage our desires” only because they appeal to deep fantasies about how we are conditioned to believe we want to live our lives.

I would like to thank A. Lagaaij, S. McArthur and R. Schram, for their comments on the manuscript versions of this article.

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