Post #1 service learning track

Describe the reasons why you engage in service learning this fall semester or all year? Explain how you would like to gather information for this digital story about your experience at your service site. Write some of your initial research questions you could related to your service-learning experience that you would like to learn more about.

The video explains why i want to engage in service learning. To use what I learned so far and apply it to a real world situation.

the way that I would conduct the way I gather information is by emerging myself into the community and learning about how the organization operates.

Some questions, I have is..

Would the way one reads the book affect the learning experience of the children?

such as interacting with them like the video, or just reading them with exciting tones.

What genre would be more popular and appropriate to children?

How long would it take a child to interact and open up to an adult for the first meetings?

Would books that are donated reflect the cultural/ political views of that person?

I want to be able to know how to organize a book drive too. To see what are the best ways to have people be included in donating.

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