Pity Porn For Racists: The Media Wants You To Feel Sorry For Trump Supporters. Don’t.
Oliver Willis

As someone who has won that genetic lottery I come at it from a different angle. The average middle aged white guy had the same opportunities that I did and instead of taking advantage of them took the lazy way and went to work in the factory or the quick lube or went into construction trades. They forgot the second half of the American Dream is to advance yourself and not just decide that what your parents did, work that doesn’t challenge you and can be done by anyone with little training, would be around. As much as anything it was a failure of imagination. When there are people looking to make a killing by eliminating or offshoring them you better be on your toes. It was their task, which many people tried to make clear to them decades ago, to be a generation to take it to the next level of skills and education. We had it easy and they took it easy and now they have crapped in the pool of a great America.

It also doesn’t help that they are for the most part entitled bullies. Remember that these people are the same ones who spun up the Tea Party shouting down Congresspeople at town halls; that they now have to deal with it in their brown shirt rallies is just turn about is fair play.

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