Parade of Nations Global Worship Gathering

PARADE OF NATIONS GLOBAL WORSHIP GATHERING All Nations are called to gather in a movement in Worship. As I was given this assignment I recognized that this task was TOO wonderful for me. I could not handle it. Who can call NATIONS to assemble at the feet of our SOVEREIGN LORD- the GREAT I AM, YA’HO’VAH, BUT HIMSELF! so I wept. This is a Global Outreach© to all ethnicity to receive quantum growth within the Body-of-Christ. To receive this electrifying dynamic growth is through a Call to Worship is through the Parade of Nations Global Worship Gathering©. When individuals are brought into an atmosphere conducive for Worship of the Messiah they will experience brokenness, healing, deliverance and divine visitation — a Work of God’s Hands©. This Global Outreach© is simple obedience to the WORD of God: “Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth…” Ps 100. Our goal is to bring this Global Outreach of pageantry, majesty and proclamation to your country, places of worship, Fellowships and ministry Cells. Let’s bring it! Your donation is like Heaven’s Dew In God’s Glory©. Global and Local Donors welcome. Thank you. — See more at: