The Future of Therapists

Would you rather confide your deepest darkest insecurities to a real life person or a computer?

If you answered with computer than you are like the majority and this may stop your search for the perfect therapist.

I’d like you to meet Woebot, Woebot is trained in cognitive behaviour psychology, which in simpler terms means that this computer is looking at your mood in the present, no childhood trauma or anything. This approach allows for the therapist or in this instance a robot to take the perspective that it’s not an event that can upset us, but the way our mind thinks through the event. To me this makes complete sense, becoming self-aware of your thoughts during an intense experience can make the difference between coming out upset, or learning a lesson and that’s exactly what Woebot is trying to do.

To start Woebot will teach you how to avoid self-defeating thinking. Through games, videos and tools and just two weeks of talking to the computer you can become the pilot of you own life again. Just by consistently tracking our mood over a couple weeks can uncover the triggers for some of our biggest melt downs.

I know for myself that my community’s health care system is not the best when it comes to mental health. Improving health care means making resources accessible to all, having resources like Woebot is perfect when there are long waiting lists to get the help a person needs. Even advancing Woebots knowledge to work with local clinics to have an easy resource just to teach patients this valuable information can go a long way. Sometimes having someone to tell your mood and feelings to is all you need, and what’s better than having a robot for that.

Before I wrote this, I made sure to try it and after the two-week trail Woebot offers, I wrote this in hope that people may look for resources like Woebot to restart their way of thinking and their perspective of the world. Some words of wisdom from Orange is the new Black…”It’s like the sky is blue, right? But when there are clouds, you think it’s gray. But, really, it’s still blue. It hasn’t changed. It’s just covered with gray clouds passing by. And your clouds will pass by.”