The Thoughtfile Story

The Thoughtfile team (Catherine, Anton, Martin, Albert, Kate, Betty) taking 2nd place at ProtoHack March 2016

A year ago, the original co-founding crew met at a ProtoHack event in Toronto. All of us came from different walks of life but each with an interest in improving the healthcare system.

For us, it’s important to keep in mind how we started the Thoughtfile journey because it’s a very unique story to each and every one of us.

Martin giving a 1 minute pitch about Thoughtfile

Martin Dragan, our CEO and a clinical practitioner stood up and pitched his idea of an online platform that would help patients and therapists connect. Through a day of brainstorming, prototyping, iterating, and designing the look and usability of this platform, Thoughtfile was created and presented amongst over 30 startup ideas that day. As we did the 1 minute, then the 5 minute pitches to the panel of judges. The 6 of us looked at each other; having just met 8 hours ago, thinking: “is this really happening?” The nerves and excitement became unbearable by the time it came down to 3 finalists as we took center stage in winning second place.

We went out for beers after with a couple of other startups and cheered to what became a new beginning. Two things became clear, we may actually have a great idea and our team is awesome; and those 2 things were enough for us to continue working on this for the next year.

We work hard and play hard

Since then, we’ve regularly met up to keep working on this little baby of ours despite the fact that we each have many other things going on in our lives. Along the way, we’ve gotten lots of kind supporters who’ve helped us.

But as we all expected, a startup is hard work and takes a lot of dedication. We definitely had our disagreements as well as misunderstandings, but that comes with the job. Although our group has changed since, I often think about how we started and why as we are coming close to officially launching to the public.